Craft Department

Director- Debbie Robaszkiewicz

Our craft department is filled with the work of many very talented Artisans.  The work ranges from original handmade wooden pieces, fabric art, hand crafted jewelry to all kinds of useful & beautiful pottery, gourd art and many more to numerous to name.

tips & tricks

Where pottery comes from: Perhaps when ancient woman or (man) notice that mud around the fire hardened to a more permanent state, she fashioned objects and placed them in the fire-the rest is History. - Debbie Robaszkiewicz• Flexible Wax Solution: While applying wax resist to the feet of bowls. I needed a quick clean guide for the top edge of wax. I discovered that a rubber band slipped around the bottom of the bowl provided exactly that. They are cheap, reusable and adjustable. - Debbie Robaszkiewicz• Just a little bit of water. Have you ever had trouble adding a little water to a glaze, slip or paint and added too much? Next time just use a spray mist bottle. -


By Edna Fehling

The gourd was one of the world’s first cultivated plants grown not primarily for food but for use as containers. The Bottle Gourd can be har-vested young for use as a vegetable or dried and used as a utensil, container, musical instrument or decorative item. Gourds can provide an unlimited canvas for an artist. They can be cut, carved, stained painted or embellished to create beautiful pieces of art. - Edna Fehling