Painting by Martha Sprenkle

Painting by Martha Sprenkle


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Where pottery comes from:

Perhaps when ancient woman or (man) notice that mud around the fire hardened to a more permanent state, she fashioned objects and placed them in the fire-the rest is History. - Debbie Robaszkiewicz• Flexible Wax Solution: While applying wax resist to the feet of bowls. I needed a quick clean guide for the top edge of wax. I discovered that a rubber band slipped around the bottom of the bowl provided exactly that. They are cheap, reusable and adjustable. - Debbie Robaszkiewicz• Just a little bit of water. Have you ever had trouble adding a little water to a glaze, slip or paint and added too much? Next time just use a spray mist bottle. -


By Edna Fehling

The gourd was one of the world’s first cultivated plants grown not primarily for food but for use as containers. The Bottle Gourd can be har-vested young for use as a vegetable or dried and used as a utensil, container, musical instrument or decorative item. Gourds can provide an unlimited canvas for an artist. They can be cut, carved, stained painted or embellished to create beautiful pieces of art. - Edna Fehling